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Somewhat misleading phrasing on the homepage

The following claim on the homepage makes me a little uneasy about the security of this program:

Have air-gapped devices? Connect on-demand when you need it. Even use your mobile phone as a hot-spot to connect.

Air-gapped devices have no network interfaces - including wireless. It would be impossible to connect to it without first establishing a physical connection, or enabling wireless connections from the air-gapped device.

We agree with your comments and we should have been more clear. is a great solution for air gapped networks, when occasional connections and access are required - typically for network maintenance and temporary end-point access. In these situations, a hotspot or mobile phone that is temporarily connected to the air gapped network will give remote IT managers access to the network via Once the maintenance is completed, the hotspot would be disconnected or powered off to keep the network air gapped.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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