Unable to install on ReadyNAS 102

Having issues installing via SSH on ReadyNAS 102. Novice user of SSH so help would be welcomed.

I run the script but it errors out. Any suggestions? I cant post the error here as it says i cant post more than 2 links.

Can you take a screenshot of the error or just paste in the error?
I need to understand where it errors out.

Sure screengrabs of the install with the errors here.

It looks like your debian package repository doesn’t have jq =>1.6, which is a dependency.
You can install it manually. Go here to find the package here: Debian -- Details of package jq in sid
It looks like you need the armel version based on the output.
Once you install that, then run the remoteit install again.

Im still having issues. jq now seems to be up to date. Can you see the issue from this screen shot?

jq is only provided up to version 1.4 because the repositories that your device’s apt refers to are out of date. We had you download and manually install jq. Can you confirm that you did this? It seems like when we are installing, it is still using 1.4.

I did some more digging and it appears that your device is using the OS Debian Jessie which stopped getting support in 2018.
We can help you still get access by using a jumpbox configuration.

When you cannot install Remote.It directly on the device which needs to support a connection to it such as some IP cameras or control panels, you can install remote.it on a device on the same LAN such as an OpenWRT or Raspberry Pi. We call this a jumpbox and other devices and ports would be a jump service.
Instructions for this can be found here: https://link.remote.it/support/jumpbox

Additionally if you are using a Windows PC to access the NAS, we have found that Owlfiles works the best.
This works great with the remote desktop to share files via windows networking IE SMB/Samba. Supports any port for windows networking unlike file explorer.

Its in the windows app store for free:
Owlfiles - File Manager


Get $Owlfiles - File Manager from the Microsoft Store

Owlfiles is a powerful file management app on mobile platforms and desktop platforms. It can access not only files on your PC, but also files on your server, NAS and cloud. Stream movies and music to your PC. Directly view and manage documents,…