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Use Raspberry Pi to log onto local IP addresses

I want to use my Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) to remotely inspect equipment in a off-site location. I installed the desktop app on my Windows PC and the remote.itPi.img onto the Pi. I successfully registered the Pi.

Now what? Can you point me to a guide that will let me set up a connection so I can remote into a desktop on the Pi, run Chomium and then put in the local IP addresses to view their individual dashboards?

Install RealVNC Viewer on your PC. Download VNC Viewer | VNC® Connect
Add a VNC Service to your Pi using the remoteit admin web panel.
Then, using either the web portal or the remoteit desktop application, connect to the VNC Service (desktop calls this “Add to Network”).

Use the resulting hostname:port to make a connection in RealVNC Viewer.

Let me know if you require additional detail.