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Net help accessing my linux macine via vnc


Raspberry Pi 3b+ connected via ethernet chord to router (with wifi enabled as well

I successfully registered my device and create an account, but cant seem to successfully setup RDP or VNC to my linux machine running PopOS 20.10. (xVNC and RDP packages are installed on linux device).

Here is where I am:

I can see that I added vnc service for ip of my linux machine, but that is as far as I get.

Here is my setup for VNC (bailed on RDP, even though I heard it was more resource friendly).

When I try to enter the following credentials in vnc viewer.

When I try to put those credentials as best I can in vnc viewer, I get a “connection closed unexpectedly”.

I created the following firewall rules for my machine that allow for vnc remote connections.

I installed tightvncviewer on my pop os machine, to ensure I had the capability to remote in.

I installed vnc viewer on my mobile device with various settings/configs and cannot connect.

e.g. I click on remoteitpi device --> see a thinkpoppy-vnc and click —> it takes me to real-vnc viewer, and it just keeps saying the same thing: “connection closed unexpectedly”.

I just can’t get it going. Any help would be much appreciated.

So, what is the VNC server running on your target device?

Please run:

sudo netstat -lpn | grep tcp

and identify the VNC service from the results. Make sure your remoteit service is set to the same port.

Also, make sure you test connections on the LAN before adding It’s not clear here that you ever had VNC working properly before adding