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VLC Stream in Node RED (RPI)


I’m currently working on a project that uses Node RED on a Raspberry Pi. On the NR Dashboard, the user needs to see the camera live. The camera is streamed through VLC’s console command cvlc, which is using the RTSP url to run an HTTP server on port 8099.

I tried this on my Windows PC, and it worked without problems (I put the VLC stream’s url inside a

HI Starring94, seems like your message got cut off but I think I see what you’re getting at.

While I haven’t done this exact thing, here’s what I can recommend.

  • install remoteit on your Raspberry Pi or other device and add http Services for ports 80 and 8099.
  • install the Desktop App on your client PC, and create connections to each of these services.
  • For the Service on port 80, set the connection port to 80. “Connect” to activate this connection.
  • For the Service on port 8099, set the connection port to 8099. “Connect” to activate this connection.

By default, the Desktop application configures connections on localhost also known as

With both of these connections active, try accessing your server using localhost or “” as the connection address. The ports should map directly if you set them up correctly.

Let me know what happens!