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V3.2.2 High CPU Usage

Hey All,

Since 2 updates ago I get high CPU usage with 3 instances of Remoteit running in task manager, if I end the 2 high usage tasks remoteit still works fine, I have tried removing Remoteit and reinstalling again but I still get this issue, I am using V3.2.2 with only 3 connections to a remote Pi, can anyone offer any help at all please?.

I’ve seen something like this when launching SSH connections.

Can you close all of your connections (i.e. remove from network) and check it again?

Hi Gary,

With the connections removed from the network I still get between 25 - 32% usage.

One thing to note is these are listed in the background processes section on task manager, I also get remoteit shown in the Apps section but that shows usually less than 1%.

One thing I noticed this morning is if I close Remoteit and open again I get more of them come in the list.