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Remote Desktop 2.9.6 high CPU load

I upgraded from 2.6.2 to 2.9.6, and immediately noticed the increased CPU load: ‘WMI Provider Host’ hogs from 20% to 30% and ‘remoteit’ adds about 7-10% more regardless of the number of connections. In total, every time I started v2.9.6 the CPU load soared by 30-35%, so I had to go back to v2.6.2 again.

For comparison, v2.6.2 has ‘WMI Provider Host’ at 0% and ‘remotit’ at 3-5%.

We’re looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

Several updates to the Desktop application have been released recently. Are you still having any issue with CPU load?

Hi Gary, thank you for following up. Yes, I’ve tried 2.10.0 or 2.10.1 - lots of new bells and whistles but unfortunately it was not very stable (all my remotes got disconnected too often), so I returned to 2.6.2 again. I am OK with it as far as it keeps working. Probably, will try some new release again later.

Hi Gary, I have tried again to upgrade from 2.6.2 to 3.0.2, and it works seamlessly now! I am very impressed by the enhancements; a special “thank you” for the idle connections feature - that is exactly what I was waiting for! I work with several sites every day, some of them are connected via SSH tunnels. With the old version, I had to manually reconnect every time I started my laptop; with 3.02 the configured connections just stay idle until I activate an SSH terminal.

Glad to hear it Alex. Thanks for the update.