Community Forum not downloading

So just now I was having problems with the desktop app, and I decided to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall it from scratch. So far so good, but the thing is when I opened up the installer (with admin perms) after a while the download got stuck to around 40% and wouldn’t move. I have no idea why that is, as it doesn’t seem like there are any leftover files in my pc from before the uninstall. any clue why?


I just tried the download from this page:
and it worked OK. All I can suggest is to try again.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

The thing is I’ve tried downloading the installer and running it multiple times already, but it didn’t work. I wouldn’t be here otherwise : /

Sorry, I think I was thrown off by your original message when you said it gets stuck at 40% downloading. I’m guessing that what you are looking at at that time is the “Installing” dialog with the little green progress bar. I am unable to reproduce this issue here. However, our team has been working to resolve some issues with the Windows Desktop 2.6.2 installer package.

We expect to have a new release by early next week to resolve this. Sorry about the trouble.

If in fact you really are having trouble downloading the package, I cannot explain that.

The file size when downloaded should be:
62,221,024 bytes

and the MD5 checksum should be:

See this article for tips about getting the MD5 checksum on Windows.