Configuring SQL Express access

Hello all, my first post here.
I am in the need to configure a connection to access a SQL Express database and do not even know where to start (almost…).
The client software need to access a remote windows pc where the server software is running; it needs to access the server disk (already configured it and it is working fine) and a SQL Express database that is on that disk.
For what I have understood maybe I should configure a connection to the SQL Browser service that to my knowledge should run on port 1434 UDP. Is this correct? Will manage to forward the dynamic port that client and server will eventually negotiate?

Any help will be welcome, since it is the first time I deal with SQL Express
Thank you in advance

First you will need to make sure that you have enabled your SQL Server to accept remote connections and note the port that you configure for connections.
Then, you would install Remote.It on your Windows PC. Then add the SQL Express database as a service in the using the same protocol and port that you would use when connecting if you were on the LAN. Usually this is a TCP connection and not a UDP.

Once this is configured, then you can connect to it from the computer that will use the connection.
You will install and open the Remote.It Desktop application on that computer, then navigate to the SQL Express service and start the connection and use the connection information provided by in your SQL application or in your application which is using the connection.

This connection will only be usable by this computer.

Hi dear Brenda,
the sql server express is part of a software and I cannot configure it or even look at how it is configured (or at least I am not able to).
The software is a client-server solution and the PCs on the lan already connect to the sql server, so the remote access I guess is already enabled.


Then you should just add the service using the port you are already using. There is a place to configure it per Microsoft documentation: Lesson 2: Connecting from Another Computer - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn
It is TCP.

Thank you so much Brenda, I will try tomorrow to see what I manage to achieve.
One technical question, may I define the connection so that the local port stays the same as configured on the server?
This is because I fear that the SQL connection port is hardcoded into the client software and the developer is not keen to disclose any technical information.

I want to clarify that you will need to install Remote.It on the Server running the SQL Express server and set up the service as I mentioned. Only the owner, the person who installed on the server into their account, will have access.
If any other users need access, then the owner will need to grant them access and each user will need to make their own connections. See here for sharing: Device and Service Sharing Overview - Orgs and Direct Shares
Once they have access, each user will need to make their own private connection which will give them their own unique connection information. If using or Remote.It Mobile application it will provide a url and port which cannot be managed and will be available for a max of 8 hours or up to 15 minutes of inactivity, whichever is least. If they install the Remote.It Desktop Application or CLI, then the connection url will be static with the same port.
The desktop application can be managed to change the port of the connection. However, you should know that the url provided by the desktop application resolves to localhost so if you set the port to 1433 for example and have something running on that computer on that same port, you will have problems. Typically, you can just leave the connection port assignment as automatic and just set the configuration in the client software to point at the db. The client software will need to be running on the same computer or device that is making the connection.
There is nothing here for the developer to worry about for the technical information if there is a place to configure the IP and port of the db on the client software.
However, if you must set the connection information, you can set it, but each user would need to do it and use the desktop application Connection Settings

Hi dear Brenda,

all the steps you suggested had already been done.

Today I tried also the instructions of SQL configuration link you sent me, but I believe the issue is that the client software has internally hardcoded a dynamic port connection routine to the SQL server and it is not possible to modify that configuration.

It was worth to try anyway.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Configure the dynamic port to be the same in, you can set any port you like in

Hi Mike thank you for your suggestion, but being a dynamic port I cannot know which number it is hence I cannot configure

The software negotiates every time a different port.