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Good morning, I’ve been finding it quite challenging to get two devices to see each other within a connection, I explain the setup:

From 2 windows PCs in which I have the same account, I am connecting to other servers, which also have the same account, and which have the remote cli instaled. That works fine, the issue is when I try to connect in between those two servers, for example I want to send a file over sftp from one server to the other. They don’t see each other.

I tryed multiple configurations from the documentation, but the only thing I got working when setting up a conection in one of them is the ssh being redirected to the other. So I tried to connect to one server, but I ended up conected to the other.

I also tried creating a network and putting both servers in, thinking it would work like a VPN, but it doesnt.

I dont even know if the IP and port should be the same, I guess it isnt because on both PCs I use for the conection the ports are different.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advance,

Let’s name the 2 windows pc servers to make this easier. We will call them server1 and server2. Both have RemoteIt Desktop running. In order to connect from server1 to server2 you must register server2 as a Device. That way you can add the sftp service to the server2 device. You can register the RemoteIt Desktop as a device on server2 by clicking on the Add Device (+) icon in the upper left of the screen while on the Devices list. Look for the section called “This System”. Click that. Once server2 is registered you can add the sftp service to that device. Now you should be able to see server2 as a device while in the RemoteIt Desktop on server1. You may need to refresh the device list if you were already logged into the RemoteIt Desktop. Just select the sftp service and make a connection. Then from server1 you can sftp files to server2.

If you want to also sftp files from server2 to server1 you need to repeat that process in reverse now. Register server1 as a device, add sftp as service on server1, and then connect from server2 in RemoteIt Desktop and now you should be able to sftp from sever2 to server1.

Yes, the thing is that we have other windows pc server on the network and from it I can see both linux servers with CLI. The thing is from the cli services I cant see each other, and I cant find the option to do that you are saying from the cli commands

If I understand this correctly you want to connect cli1 to cli2 and vice versa. Using the same process you need to have a service on cli2 that cli1 can connect too. It sounds like you already have that since you can connect from the Desktop to cli2. In order to connect from cli1 to cli2 you need to run a remoteit connection add command. Since the RemoteIt Desktop uses RemoteIt CLI under the hood here is a little trick to help with that command. Make a connection from RemoteIt Desktop to the service on cli2. Then click on the “Connection Configuration” in RemoteIt Desktop in the section below the big blue box that has the Launch arrow. That will show the Connection Configuration section and in there will be a Logs section with the CLI command log. Look for the “remoteit connection add” command. it will look something like this:

remoteit connection add --id 90:00:00:00:00:04:CE:70 --name "<service>" --port 33012 --ip --connectAtStart true --timeout 15 --restrict --failover true --p2p true --servicetype 28 --enableCertificate true

Then on cli1 you can run remoteit connection add --help to see what the parameters do. You might be able to run the command as is on cli1 to make a connection to cli2. Once that connection is added it will stay up in an “on demand” state. The port will be taken by RemoteIt but no connection will be made. As soon as you hit that port on cli1 then RemoteIt CLI will make the connection automatically and you should be able to connect. For example, if this was for SSH then as you enter the command to ssh someone@localhost -p <port> then RemoteIt will catch that, start the connection, and ssh will connect after a second or two just as if it was an ssh session directly to cli2.

You can check your connections and their states on cli1 by running remoteit status. If it says ready then it is in “on demand” mode. If it says connected then it is an active connection.

Of course you just reverse all of this if you want to also connect from cli2 to cli1.

Please let me know if this answers your question?

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