Download speed using remote it considerable slower

Hello, I love this service and planning to shift to a paid plan.

I am downloading some large files (mp4) from one device to another throug SFTP from different remote locations

It seems the download speed is consierable slower when using remote it than other direct downloads such and apt update, directly from the cloud to the device, this suggest me the internet speed might not be the issue.

Is there a speed limitions when using remote it? If i change to a paid plan the speed would be better?

Thanks in advance

When comparing SCP vs SFTP in terms of speed, i.e., in transferring files, SCP is generally much faster . This is due to the way it confirms received packets. Traditionally, SFTP has to ACK (acknowledge) every tiny packet, while SCP does not. That’s why the disparity becomes more evident in high latency networks.
I believe that apt uses HTTP which is similar to SCP in that it doesn’t need a ack. doesn’t throttle speeds based on subscription plan. The speeds are determined by the network speed, compression of the messages and encryption used by the protocol. We do add encryption on all connections but this should have minimal impact on the speeds.
Try using SCP to see if you see an improvement in performance. Also use the desktop application and see if you can establish a P2P connection which is generally faster than proxy connections. can only support Proxy connections and can timeout.

Thanks! your comment makes sense! I will try and share the results also

Good day

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