Minimise to taskbar on launch

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Really simple question that may have been asked before ( sorry searched and coudn’t see anything).
Is it possible to have remote machines running the app minimise it to taskbar on reboot ? I would rather it did this then the person logging on to use the machine having to manually minimise it.

Or is there just a host service I can install that doesn’t have all the app info.

Can you provide more context to the type of device and the Remote.It package that was installed?
In general, the remoteit service should restart on reboot without manual intervention.

Sorry maybe I wasn’t very clear.
Everything is installed and works fine on win 10 PC rdp and smb are set up and working fine. On restart the service does auto run but it launches a window which requires manual minimisation.
I am wondering if there is a way to either auto minimise to tray icon ?


There are several methods to launch an app minimized on Windows after a reboot, depending on the specific requirements and the nature of the app. These are Windows functions and not Remote.It and might change from version to version. Please refer to Microsoft support for help, but here are a few common approaches that I found. I cannot speak to their support with each version of Windows which exist. Instructions below are not guaranteed to work for all versions.

1. Task Scheduler

You can use the Task Scheduler to create a task that launches the application minimized at every system startup.

  1. Open Task Scheduler.
  2. Click on “Create Task” in the right pane.
  3. Name your task.
  4. Under the “General” tab, check “Run with highest privileges” if necessary.
  5. Go to the “Triggers” tab, click “New,” and select “At startup” from the “Begin the task” dropdown.
  6. Under the “Actions” tab, click “New.” In the “Action” field, select “Start a program.” Browse and select your application. In the “Add arguments” field, if the application supports it, you can add -minimized or a similar argument. This depends on the application.
  7. Click “OK” to save your task.

2. Startup Folder with a Shortcut Modified to Open Minimized

For applications where you can modify the shortcut properties:

  1. Find the application shortcut or create a new one.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut and select “Properties.”
  3. In the “Shortcut” tab, find the “Run” dropdown menu and select “Minimized.”
  4. Press “OK” to apply the changes.
  5. Press Windows+R, type shell:startup, and press Enter to open the Startup folder.
  6. Copy the modified shortcut to this folder. The app should now launch minimized at startup.

3. Batch File or Script

For more control, you could write a batch file or script that starts your application minimized, and place this script in the Startup folder.


Ahh ok I am aware of the windows options but I just wondered if it was natively supported.

Thanks for the clarification.

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