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Uninstalling the Desktop App in Windows

You should manually uninstall any previously installed beta versions of the Desktop application before installing a new one. Here’s how to do so in Windows 10.

a) Enter “program” in the search field at lower left of the Windows taskbar.


b) When you see “Add or remove Programs”, click on “Open”.


c) On the “Apps and Features” dialog, type “remoteit” into the search field as shown below (1).

d) If you do not see the “Uninstall” button, click on the entry (2).

e) Click on “Uninstall” (3).

f) Confirm by clicking “Uninstall” again.


g) You will see the “User Account Control” screen asking if you wish to allow “” to make changes. Click on “Yes”.

h) Next you will see another dialog asking you if you are sure.


i) Click on “OK”. If Desktop is still running, you’ll be asked to close it first. Click on “OK”.


j) After a few moments, the “” entry on the “Apps and Features” page will disappear. Congratulations! You’ve removed it.