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Recent issue with accessing a QNAP server via remoteit


I have been using remoteit on several raspberry around the house and a QNAP server, all works great, it helps me to connect easily and securely from outside the LAN.

For the last 3 weeks or so, when I try to connect to the QNAP I get a white webpage with the proxy address but no access to my login.

I have removed and reinstalled but to no avail. This is replicated whether I am outside of the LAN or inside and I have used various browsers.

Remoteit has become a big part of my worklow and would appreciate some advice/ideas,

Best wishes,

Stef, Bristol UKScreenshot from 2021-01-17 21-13-16

Hi Stef,

What is the QNAP server running on?

Are there any logs generated by the server itself?



HI there,

QNAP runs their bespoke OS based on Linux, Iam not sure which log would be helpful for this issue, ca you point me to the right directory//file?
many thanks,


Sorry, I am not an expert in QNAP. I figured that the server generates a log much like any web server would.


Fair enough, in the meantime I found a way around, I have setup a linux container on novnc on a RasPi I have on the same LAN, I access the PI via remoteit and via the browser within the novnc container I access mt QNAP via LAN, it’s actually fast enough for my purpose so I won t dig any further for now,

Thanks for the support anyway,



OK, thanks for the update.

I ran this past engineering… they’re asking if there is any error on the proxy page you are getting. Look at the developer tools console in browser. Let me know.