I have a NETGEAR REadyNAS104. I have been successful in using to gain access to the NAS’s admin webpage using a PC connected to it from home (device name T3610). When adding the this PV to scanned the resources located the ip of the NAS and set up services for HTTP, HTTPS, TCB and SMB/CIFS. Those services are also enabled on the NAS. I want to use windows explorer to see and manipulate the files on the NAS like you could with ready cloud but the links generated for SMB/CIFS for the NAS or my PC do not work. They are ,; and for the NAS and smb: for the PC. I didn’t see a jumpbox configuration for the READY NAS like there is for the Synology. Can you point me to a step by step guide so when I am remote I can enter a link into file explorer and see the files just like any windows network storage

I believe your problem is the Windows File Explorer for SMB. Owlfiles works great with the remote desktop to share files via windows networking IE SMB/Samba. Supports any port for windows networking unlike file explorer.

It’s in the windows app store for free:
Owlfiles - File Manager

If this isn’t your issue, can you show a screenshot of the service setup? Please omit any personal information such as your email address or any IP addresses shown.

The issue here is that the connection was initialized on the remote computer to itself.
You should install Desktop on the computer(s) which need to use the connection to the remote computer.
Then you will connect to the service needed and then use the connection url and port provided by Remote.It in your client program that will use the connection.