Software Device Package for Crestron In Our Future?

Hi All, Would love to know what it would take to have a Software Device Package written that could be loaded to a Crestron control processor rather than having to rely on a PC or other unknown piece of equipment to manage the Remote.It connection. I feel like it should be possible seeing brands like Ubiquiti and Axis on the list of devices.

It looks like Crestron supports SSH access, so we can check if we can install with packages we already have.

Can you run the following and provide the output?

sh -c "$(curl -sL"

And just to get some general information about the system:

uname -a

Hi Brenda! It doesn’t seem to recognize those commands on the CLI. (Bad or Incomplete Command) We will probably have to get Crestron involved to allow the package to be installed if I had to guess. They can run C# (.NET 3.5 CF), but the OS itself locked down (I believe) to run anything else.

Hi Brenda!

I can get you on my test processor remotely to see what’s there if that helps at all. Let me know.

-Jay @ SCS

Yes, sounds like we will need to work with Crestron directly to work out an installer for the OS. In the interim, you can use another device to act as a jump host to access this system. Rather than use a PC, which isn’t necessarily always on and a user can put it to sleep or hibernate, an always on device like a Raspberry Pi or GLiNet OpenWRT travel router have worked great for other users. I use a GLiNet Mango router myself. They are about $30 on Amazon.

Sounds good. Thanks for looking into this for me!

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