Unknown device for user

I tried to activate a device. I’ve had it activated before. I removed the application from the device. But reinstalled it later. However now, as soon as I sign into my account to set up the connection I get the following error;
‘Reason for failure: 00:00:00:01:00:26:15 is an unknown device for this user’

Could you help me out to fix it, so I can get access to the device remotely?

Kind regards

Hi Thom,

This indicates that you have leftover provisioning (configuration) files on your device after having deleted the device at the web portal. At least, that’s the most common reason this is seen. The other possibility is that you have logged in with a valid account - but not the one that this device is registered to.

I suggest that you download the latest update to the connectd package and run the connectd_installer again as it now has logic to handle this and let you clean it up to start fresh.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install connectd

If that does not work for some reason, then run:

sudo rm /etc/connectd/services/.conf*

Let me know if this doesn’t fix it for you.

Gary W.
remot3.it, Inc.