Asseto Corsa server on starlink?

Could someone please show me how I could host an Asseto Corsa server using I can’t find any pre-configured options for a normal server but I might just be blind.

Remote.It set up is not any different based on the type of network access (Starlink, cellular, or cable/DSL).
Since this is a game, these are the requirements for Remote.It:

  • The server must be hosted on a computer on your LAN or on a cloud server that you control (not a shared hosted server that you cannot install software)
  • When you make connections, you need only 1 or 2 ports that you can configure in the client software you use to play the game ( for example, you use an application that you put in an IP address and port(s))
  • Anyone you will share your game server with will also need a Remote.It account.

Simple instructions. Assuming that you are running the server on a Windows computer.

  1. Install the Remote.It Desktop Application on your Windows Computer
  2. Add a TCP service which will be your game service with the correct port
  3. On a different computer (the one which is remote and will be using the connection), install the Remote.It Desktop Application and sign in
  4. Make a connection to the game service
  5. Use the url and port provided from the Remote.It application connection in your game.

If you need to share the game to a friend, see Device and Service Sharing