Connection FROM raspberry TO windows

Hello. I am trying to control a remote drone. I use mavlink that sends data from drone to the PC by url:port. In local networks it works but I can’t figure out how to connect from drone (raspberry pi) to PC. I am only able to connect FROM pc TO pi because there is an application for windows but there is only receiving end for the pi.

Here is a picture describing the situation

Can you help me figure out want I need to do to successfully send data from pi to pc and have an ssh connection form pc to pi at the same time?

If you want to have a connection which is initiated to the PC from the Raspberry Pi, you may want to consider using the CLI or Desktop on the Raspberry Pi. Then you would register the PC in your diagram as a connection target as well with an HTTP service with whatever port that PC is running the service on.

However, you cannot install both the device package and CLI on the same device. You should uninstall the device package from the raspberry pi and then install the CLI or Desktop and then register the Raspberry Pi for connections to it as well. See this documentation on CLI
If you feel more comfortable with a GUI, then use the Desktop instead.