Connections are not working on my Node-Red webserver anymore

Since the latest upgrade of Desktop Application, I noticed that all of the HTTP connections have converted to HTTPS and the connections no longer work.

Here are your steps:

  1. Stop your connection
  2. Click on “Service Configuration”
  3. Switch the service type from HTTP to TCP (You will find it under the More dropdown)
  4. Add the Service Port (if you do not have your HTTP service running on a modified port, enter 80 - for example Node-Red runs on port 1880)
  5. Scroll down and expand “Setup Connection Default”
  6. Set URL Template to http://[host]:[port] (add the path like /ui if you also need a path on the url)
  7. Click Save & scroll up to the top and click “< Service Configuration”
  8. Start your connection again.

Anyone who also uses a connection on another computer will need to stop their connection, then click the refresh icon at the top of the service page to update their configurations.

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