"Device offline" doesnt update

I am new to remote.it and I tried it recently to set up a Terraria Server with friends through my computer. For about a week things were going well and the Server was working.

However, a few days ago, I went for a short trip and had my computer with me. Since then, even now that I returned, the computer is shown as offline on the remote.it desktop app and I cannot add or launch any services.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, making a new account, restarting my computer and router and still havent solved the issue. I’m not even sure if the change of locations is the cause of the problem.

Can you tell me if you got a prompt for a Desktop App upgrade? What version is your desktop application? Click on your avatar > Settings, then in the About section.

My desktop version is 3.16.1 for Windows. I’m pretty sure that is the latest version.

I believe you may have an issue with the way we are detecting that your network card is online. This will be fixed in our next release of the remote.it desktop. However, for now, you can back down to version 3.14.4

Uninstall the desktop, then make sure that the agent is no longer present running this command from command prompt as administrator

remoteit status

It should give you an output that indicates it doesn’t know what remoteit is. If it still gives you a status, then the agent did not uninstall correctly and we can manually uninstall that running the command as administrator

remoteit uninstall

and then again verify the uninstall by running the status command again.

Then download this version of remoteit and install it. https://github.com/remoteit/desktop/releases/download/v3.14.4/remoteit-installer.exe
When you launch it it will prompt your to install the system agent. Go ahead and finish the install
It will likely indicate that a new version is available shortly after installing and running the desktop. DO NOT click on the restart.
Go to your settings in Desktop by clicking on your avatar>Settings then disable Auto Update.

Then, you will need to re-run the install of the download you just installed again.
Run through that and then you should be able to run the desktop application in version 3.14.4

You will need to re-register this computer with remote.it by clicking on the blue + and the “Add this computer”. Select the services you want to provide remote access.
In your device list, if there will be an inactive version of your Windows computer you can delete from the desktop app view by clicking on it, then clicking on the three dots in the upper right and selecting Delete Device.
Finally, you will need to re-share with your friends.

Hi, I getting the same error of Device Offline after instalation on Ubuntu Laptop.

Maybe this logs can help?


You should not install both the Remote.It desktop and the Device Package on the same computer. If you did, there is likely a conflict. Seems like the latest post should be a new topic.

Can you send me a PM with the command you ran?

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Thanks! As I just a beginner in this forum I can’t send you a PM. However as I understand: Are you agree with posting my cuestion in another new topic? I just done: Device Offline after installing Ubuntu Deb. Thanks. :star_struck:

Have you checked that the connectd daemon is running?

Can you run the following command?

/usr/share/remoteit/connectd -n

This will tell us if the daemon is running and if there is a firewall issue.

Note firewall rules required are only necessary if you block outgoing traffic. I can send you the firewall document directly if you find that you are being blocked in the connectd command.