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Disconnecting issue on Minecraft Hosting

Me and my friends are trying to play minecraft on my server but he keeps getting disconnected. I gave my server 4gb ram, I tried adjusting the settings and still nothing happens. Thanks in advance!

Engineering tells me there may be an issue with the 64 bit Windows connectd daemon in the Desktop 2.8.2 release. We are working on an updated release, but if you would like to test the newer daemon ahead of time, please follow these instructions.

open an Administrator command prompt

cd “\program files\remoteit-bin”
curl -LkO
rename connectd.exe connectd-backup.exe
rename connectd.x86-win.exe connectd.exe
remoteit agent restart

On my system, the last command took about 30 seconds to complete and triggered a warning from my anti-virus package.

This will back up your old daemon as connectd-backup.exe so you can restore it if needed (or just remove and re-install the Desktop application).

It kinda fixed something so I tried to switch to the 64 bit version and the problem is still there for some reason.

There is a known issue with the 64 bit Windows daemon at the moment. We will be releasing a new version of Desktop with the updated 64 bit daemon. In the meantime, if you get better results with the 32 bit daemon please continue to use that.

Alright. Just keep me updated if there are some solutions that you guys found for this problem.