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Enabling USB Hat on the remoteitPi image

A user reported an issue:

When I install the SD Image 32 bit Raspberry OS, my USB Expander Hub Hat (4 Port USB HUB HAT for Raspberry Pi, USB to UART Onboard)no longer works. When I connect USB devices directly to the micro USB port on the Pi, the devices work, but not through the HAT anymore. It works with the normal Raspberry Pi OS, but not the image. Any advice maybe on how I can fix this? Is it maybe a specific configuration setting in your image that I can set to the default Raspberry Pi OS config?

Later, he updated us:

I found the config change that made it work: you uncomment the dtoverlay=dwc2 line in the config.txt file on the boot partition.

We have not confirmed this here, so let us know if you try it and encounter any issue.