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Hello, will you be able to have support of nomachine to remote desktop instead of VNC?
NoMachine is a lot faster and has more options. Currently nomachine uses port NX4000 and SSH.
Thank you.

Hi Howard, did you try it and it didn’t work? I can look into it.

Should be able to work fine, did you try it, just point your target to what ever our client gives you and address, if its not 4000, it will give you the port IE
nx:// . But in your case if remoteit desktop is on the machine that nomachine is on you would just create a generic TCP to 29382.

Then on the other side once our connected, use the port that the connection gave you, lets say 34002, then you would use

nx:// on the initiator side

Hi Howard,

Yes, as Mycal mentioned above, it is possible. Also I have experience configuring with NoMachine.

In my case, I configured the NVIDIA Jetson nano device as the NoMachine server and my Macbook as the NoMachine client. I will explain in this case as example:

  1. Install NoMachine on the Jetson and configure it as a NoMachine server. The NoMachine server will listen for tcp/4000.

  2. The device you are connecting to needs to be configured as a target. Install into Jetson nano using installer package for Jetson. If you use the other device, please install the appropriate package for your environment.
    Download |

  3. Access the admin panel that is running on Jetson nano. http://[Jetson’s IP address]:29999
    Sign in admin panel with your account.

  4. If you haven’t done registration of Jetson nano as device yet, go to [Set up remote access] and register your Jetson nano as a device.
    You will need to register the tcp/4000 service as the remote access destination. If it is already registered as device, pleas add tcp/4000 as a remote service.
    FYI: Desktop - Set up Remote Access –
    Now, the target device (Jetson nano) is ready.

  5. Download and install the Desktop application on the connection source (called the initiator). In this case, that is Macbook.

  6. When you sign in Desktop application, Jetson nano should be shown in the device list screen. Click the name of Jetson nano device and connect (clicking CREATE CONNECTION) to the tcp/4000 that you just registered.

  7. You should see the address This address is the destination to be set on the NoMachine client software.

  8. Install the NoMachine client software on Macbook and access
    You should be able to connect to the Jetson nano.

If the above step does not work, or if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.


Thanks @usk! I appreciate your helpful post.