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Remote service installation in yocto

First I want to ask if the remote is compatible with yocto? Has anyone installed it on yocto?

We have a number of tar packages that should work with a large variety of Linux OS, as long as a compatible daemon can be found. Please start with the instructions here.

If you have any problems, send an e-mail to

already wrote a but without any answer that can solve the problem the installation in yocto

I have experienced once before, that worked good.
There were dependency for some commands, like as curl. Need to care especially if you will use BusyBox. Also needed to download and replace certificate when those will be updated.

We have several customers using with Yocto. I sent you several messages from the support system to navigate through the various warnings you might be getting, as our current installer expects to find systemd. These warnings are not fatal. I will send you a message from the support system to make sure you saw my most recent response.