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Was working great now wont start/install anymore

Already submitted a trouble ticket but thought I would post here as well.

Just had up and running perfectly, upon logout and log back in I am plagued with the following Win10 bug other have reported.

System Hardware:
Minecraft Development Server: MSI MEG Z490 Unity motherboard, i7-10700K (OC to 48GHz), 32G (4x8) TEAMGROUP-UD4-4500 (OC 4200MHz 16-16-16-32-320), dual Samsung-Evo-870 SSD (RAID-1), AMD Radeon R9-390.

Network (Private):
Dev-Server is connected via CAT-8 to a TP-Link AX-6000 which is connected to a NETGEAR CM1000v2 Cable Modem which is connected to a XFINITY 1G Internet Service.

System Software:
OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit v20H2
Security: Bitdefender Total Security
Minecraft (MC): (Dual) Paper 1.16.4 Servers (Shared pool CPU resources, 8G RAM each) Initial Setup & Testing:
I downloaded the current software from:

With Bitdefender Firewall running, the Windows Install, Device Setup, and Addition of the two MC services proceeded without issue. (I noted Bitdefender added firewall rule exceptions for

I was able to add “test” individuals (me with another email accounts) to the services and share them. I then successfully accessed both MC Servers via my laptop using and the addresses below:

  • I had the “Shared” sever operating at via (Easily connected to it via separate laptop)
  • I had the “Dev” server operating at: via (Easily connected to it via separate laptop)
  • proxy link/addresses were also tested and worked fine

Upon system restart threw a fit (a ton of pop up errors) about inaccessible/not-running services and complained about there being no network connection. After fighting with the device config and settings to no avail I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, (firewall on/off, old/new account, older/newer versions, forced launch as admin in Windows and CMD line with “remoteit.exe agent restart”. Attempted install under Win10 Safe-Mode but the OS wasn’t happy and I couldn’t get anything to work properly.

Every single time starts with this “We need to install or update our service in order to maintain background connections” (Click) “Install Service” button. Receive error: “Scanning failed. Please check you that have a network connection”

  • Note: You might want to switch the “you” and “that” in the message. :wink:

Then upon clicking “Install Service” again I sometimes make it to the Device selection window which upon proceeding throws the error in the screenshot above.

I am pretty experienced at troubleshooting these types of issues…but as others have stated this issue really has me stumped. What’s even more perplexing is everything was working perfectly prior to the system restart.

Hi Tarlak333, thank you for the detailed troubleshooting info. Would you be able to send your combined.log file to You can find it by clicking the “Show application logs” link at the bottom of the Settings page.

Thank you and sorry for your issues!

I have been asked by support to downgrade to 2.9.4. 2.9.6 was giving me those errors as well. Its now ok… for now…

Sorry you’re having a problem with the application.

Stop (quit) the remoteit Desktop application.

Then find and delete the file c:\ProgramData\remoteit\config.json

Restart the application and see if this helps.

This will remove your locally configured Services from the device, so you may have to restore those.