Where do i find the server address for bedrock?

Im having trouble finding the server address in order to connect to my bedrock minecraft server, ive tried everything but all i get is " mcserver-bedrock-server.at.remote.it" followed by the port.

Your friends or you when you are away from the minecraft computer would need to have a Remote.It account and you would share the Minecraft service. Then you connect from the remote computer. Each person will get their own unique url and port to use for the connection. You would then copy the url and port (see attached screenshots)

Thank you for responding. Sadly this didn’t help, it keeps failing to connect to the world. One question I have is with your post, did you test it in the Bedrock version of Minecraft? Because that screenshot looks like it’s from the Java version which isn’t what i’m trying to do. Connecting to the server over my LAN connection works fine. But when I try to connect to the server (Which is running on my PC soon to be home server) Which is connected to the internet via starlink. From my laptop which is connected to a mobile hotspot it fails to connect and join the server.

Update: I managed to get the connection working on Java edition and its runs perfectly! But I still can’t figure out why the bedrock one doesn’t wanna work, I would consider just using java, but literally everyone i play with uses bedrock.

Yes, my screenshot is from the Java version but it was tested on the Bedrock version. I just do not have it setup at the moment since I re-format devices all of the time. I will send you a PM.