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Hosting a Minecraft Server

Hello. I hosted a Minecraft Server and it worked great. My friends were able to connect to my device, and everything was working well. However, two days after that, my friends started to keep disconnecting from the server (timeout every 30 seconds), and another two days later they weren’t able to even connect to my device. The error was either code 16/21, saying “cannot bind to udp port (udp p2p port)” or “connection to peer failed (failed p2p connect).” Then my friends and I tried swithing, with them hosting and me connecting to their device. It turns out that I also had the same problem, which is “connection to peer failed (failed p2p connect) (CODE: 21).” What should I or my friends do to fix this? Or maybe what can do to fix this?

I hope the team can fix this problem ASAP. Thank you.

Hi, Sorry you’re having trouble using for Minecraft.

Can you send a screenshot of the desktop showing your Minecraft connection?

What happens if you disconnect/reconnect?


I couldn’t connect/disconnect. That’s the problem.

Click on the “View Log” button and copy and paste the result here.

Does it work if you try a proxy connection (i.e. though the web portal)?