Minecraft connection error

So, its been a little while since i hosted a server with remote it and when my friend tried connecting, he got the following error message. Were going to check in about 12 hours to see if the server recieved a ping from his computer. We are doing a modded server using enigmatica 2 expert

Please make sure that your friend is using Remote.It for their connection. You cannot connect and give them your url since that will resolve to localhost.
I highly recommend that your friend also use the Remote.It desktop application so that the url and port will remain consistent.
When entering the url on the game, you will need to make sure that they put in the url and port given by the Remote.It connection.
Remote.It connections via desktop will go idle when there is no usage after 5 minutes and then reconnect on demand.
We cannot debug the issue based on the information provided. If you need further debug, please send the desktop logs in a DM to me.

They were using remote it, and the desktop application. And alright. I’ll see about getting the logs to you

How do I DM you? Also, which logs in particular?

I sent you a DM. Will post the answer here after.