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Error when setting up remote access

Hello, I am getting the following error message when trying to set up remote access:

Error: Command failed: “C:\Program Files\remoteit-bin\remoteit.exe” -j --manufacture-id 33280 setup --name “TheoPC” && “C:\Program Files\remoteit-bin\remoteit.exe” -j --manufacture-id 33280 add --name “Minecraft Server” --port 25565 --type 1 --hostname {“status”:1,“details”:[“CONTOL-ENDPOINT-CLIENT: can’t request operation, details Non-reachable end point”]}

Let me know if any more information is needed for the troubleshoot!
Kind regards, Theo

Hi Louzis,

This appears to be an issue in the Windows installer affecting some users. We expect to have a new release by early next week to resolve this. Sorry about the trouble.