Installing updates seems quite bizarre

I have just been through the exercise of updating to 3.12.2 of my little starter system (1 x RDP to AWS EC2 and 2 x VNC to PCs behind Starlink)

When I started the update I got confronted by the message:

Restarting while connected over a connection will cause the connection to be permanently lost.

To actually do the update I had to:

  1. access the AWS EC2 via RDP outside of remoteit
  2. access the VNC PCs directly (i.e. not via Starlink)

Fortunately at this stage everything is still under development and close at hand.

But what happens when the VNC PCs are installed and in another state?

How will I do updates then?

Can you contact us via We can look into how to solve this issue for you. Realistically you shouldn’t need to install updates on the remote computer if you are not using it to make connections to something else.