Ipad connection issue

Hi, i followed step by step the instructions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UhKf_NN3OU

but when i click “launch” on the remoteit app on my Ipad, it opens the App store and brings me to the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, but i have already installed it.

do i need to configure anything on the MRD app? or make the Remoteit app “see” the MRD app?

Thanks for your help.

Its hard to say, but maybe the deep link has changed to launch the microsoft remote desktop. Typically it is launched as “rdp://address=s:proxyxx.rt3.io:port…”

if this is not working try rdp:// in your safari browser, if it goes to the app store then something is broken on the deep linking system on your phone. If it launches your RDP app, then check the remote.it launch string. If it does not launch you could try uninstalling the RDP app and reinstalling.

Thanks for the reply.
When i go to Safari and try to hit rdp:// it asks me to open the RD Client. When i click yes, it opens the RD Client app and there i get a message: URL is not valid.

I tried to uninstall and install the Remoteit App but i had the same issue.

Address is: http://proxyXX.rt3.io:39105/
What should be the launch default address?

The launch address will change when using the iPad. The url given in your example proxyXX.rt3.io is the machine address and 39105 is the port. Do not use http since that is the protocol and you are using RDP. A given connection will disconnect after 8 hours or 15 minutes of inactivity, whichever comes first. Then you just need to connect again and use the new information for the connection.

Updating this topic since some new information has been discovered. There have been changes to format for deep linking which allows Remote.It to open the RDP application. We are looking at how to support this going forward.

However, you can work around this by copying the url and port provided for the connection (the top one) by clicking on the copy button and paste it into your RDP client application (remove the http:// portion) and then you can manually start the connection.