Is it possible to install on WSL?

I tried to install remote-it on Windows Linux Subsystem and it keeps giving me “System has not been booted with systems as init system (PID 1).” and “Failed to connect to bus: Host is down” error.

Any workaround?

Since we don’t know anything about your version of WSL, the OS you are using, or the way you are installing remoteit, boot - System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate - Ask Ubuntu here you can find a generic answer, maybe you find something that works

At the moment it won’t work because we have a startup dependency on systemd, as the message hints.

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Thank you and you are correct. My workaround for now is to enable the ssh server on windows, which allowed me to connect to the wsl shell and achieved the same goal.

Thanks for the update. That’s a great tip!