Outworldz Dreamgrid opensimulator

Hello forum
I have been attempting to get opensim running using Remote.It, unfortunately I have no idea why I can’t do this, so is there anyone on here that can assist me to get my grid online please.

Hey mark what is opensim? https://simtk.org?

Is there a web interface or you trying to do something different?

OK I think I see what your looking at, Looks like you just have to point at ip:9000 and it should work. what is your issue?

How do you currently access your grid on your local machine? What URL?

Can you setup an Outworldz Opensim Server ?

Outworldz Opensim looks like it uses multiple ports to run. If so you can use Remote.It, but would need to have each person who is using Remote.It to manually configure their configurations.
First install remote.it on your server computer and add the device and ALL of the ports needed as services under the device.

Setup your connection(s) (This will be the person and each device using the the connections):

Install the Remote.It Desktop application remote.it Desktop Applications for Windows macOS Raspberry pi OS Linux Debian on each person’s computer who wants to play the game. (You will not be able to do this on our web portal app.remote.it)

You will need to disable named connection for this to work:
Click on your avatar in the top left, and then Settings. On the page, toggle the Named Connections field.

For each site which would normally have a public IP address we are going to setup a unique localhost address (127,0.0.2, and so on.)

  1. For each service, click on the service, click on Connection Configuration.
  2. Click on Local Network Sharing.
  3. On the second screen, Enable LAN Sharing.
  4. In the Bind IP Address field put in (you will increment this for each new site. i.e., etc). Click Save.
  5. If you are on a Mac, then you will need to allow your Mac to bind on the IP address. Open Terminal and run the following command ​sudo ifconfig lo0 alias
  6. Then back on the Connection Configuration page, override the Local Port to match the port for the service (for instance if the service is on port 8000, set it to 8000). Click the check box to save.
  7. Make your connection

Repeat this for all of the services you need for the server. Then in your application once you make your connections you will use the IP address