Settings necessary to make vnc client to macos screen sharing usable

Are there any known settings necessary to make windows / android / ipados real vnc client connections to macos screen sharing [ / built in vnc server ] perform well?

I have no problem setting up the reverse proxy for this connection. That said when i connect directly to the host from windows and android, both with current generation SoC and ample memory, the performance is terrible. Login screen paints very slowly as does main screen once i’m in. Conversley if i use another macos device and the native “screen sharing” app to connect it performs well like a windows rdp connection.

I’ve had this experience repro on 3 different macos setups i’ve tried to windows and android vnc client remote desktop into over homenet work 500Mbs wifi network. Also the mouse pointer is just a little square not the context specific mouse icons you’d expect and get when using native macos screen sharing app for the remote desktop connection or rdp for remote desktop connection to windows and linux.

I get that this means the issue is nothing to do with reverse proxy service. That said i’m asking given i figure you folks must have come across in your testing or end user feedback others that experience this same issue. I’m inclined to think that if i can’t resolve this i need to move on to trying to build and enable the opensource xrdp client experience instead.

Found an topic on apple stackexhange which might address your issue. One of our engineers said this also helped with file copying across a network connection.

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Thanks for the follow up and suggestion.

Coincidentally I am in the comments on that post back in Sept 2022 noting that " After that [ i.e. applying sudo sysctl net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 ] the vnc connection from my windows 11 to macOS monterey m1 screen sharing / vnc server performance improved to the state of being usable for emergency remote desktop control scenarios. Still nothing close to the native physical console access like experience that you get from something like a TeamViewer or xrdp remote desktop connection."

I just retried on macOS ventura m1 setup and same result. So i’m not working through trying to get opensource xrdp build installed and working. I’m confused if everyone trying to do windows and android vnc client connections to macOS screen sharing / vnc server experiences a slow and unusable experience as compared to using the macOS screen sharing client to macOS screen sharing / vnc server which is a significantly better performing experience. If i’m the only one seeing that and i’ve had it testing using 3 different macOS targets [ 2 x intel and 1 x apple silicon ] then i must have some unique issue i’m experiencing. That or everyone using macOS screen sharing service is only doing so from macOS screen sharing clients.

I’ll report back on how well open source xrdp build, install and run instructions i’m using work out. It would be great to be able couple that with to enable a usable performance remote away from homenetwork solution to macOS setups.